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Journal Publication Incentive

 Publication in indexed journals is a pivotal part of achieving research prominence. To that end, the University has agreed to grant publication incentive to reward excellent achievements in journal publication by the academic staff.

Eligibility Requirements

To become eligible, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  The journal must be made in the performance of work under a research grant.

  The journal must be indexed in SCOPUS/ISI and ranked at least in Q3.

  Only current journals will be considered for evaluation i.e. only journals published in 2016 will be considered for the 2016 application cycle.

  Each academic staff is allowed up to five (5) publication incentive application.

  The incentive will be deposited into the research grant account owned by the respective academic staff. Staff may choose which research grant deemed suitable for incentive application should they own more than one grant.


Application Process


Further Information

  Application form 

  DVC (R&I) Notice 4/2016: Incentive Payment for Publication in Indexed and Impact Factor Journal